Fields of Gold – August 11 / 18, 2018

Play your favorite music in small music groups. Sing in the choir. Try singing in a band. Grow the group. Experience not requested, enthusiasm the more to immers in this swirling music week. A forest and a meadow with two circus tents will be the playing fields of the about 40 participants that can be expected.

Play that funky music

Music groups

Each afternoon, music groups will rehearse and enrich ‘darlings’ that participants bring in. Genres like pop, rock, latin, jazz and (light) classic can be expected. Evenings, there can be sung and danced in the bar. More on the music groups’ program.



Every morning except Thursday, the choir will rehearse. One of these rehearsals will take place in a local church. Repertoire varies from folk and world music, to pop and classic. Vocal-technique gets extra attention. Invitations to sing in one of the bands, can be expected. More on the choir’s program.



Performances will be organized at the end of the week. The way-up to these, is more important than the results. More on performances.

Take it easy

Pieter van Leeuwen & Anke Kuiper

Pieter van Leeuwen and Anke Kuiper teach social professionals how to use music. As coach and musician (keyboards, guitars, tuba), they inspire and lead this week of making music in groups and (choir) singing, since more than 10 years now.


Really something for you?

Having a good time by making music and / or choir singing is what we offer. Experience with music is appreciated but enthusiasm is more important than virtuosity, so don’t you feel under-qualified. Because participants from different countries are being expected, the main language will be (wrong) English. Participants can be up to 80 years of age, minimum-age is 13. Numbers of participants are limited. So who comes first, first served. More info or booking.

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