Saturday August 17-24, 2019. Play your favorite music in small groups or bands. Sing in the choir. Try singing in a band. Genres like pop, rock, latin, jazz and (light) classic are welcome. Forest and meadows with two circus tents will be the playing fields of the about 40 participants that can be expected. Experience not requested.

Frankrijk, Boussac 18-08-2017 Fields of Gold. Foto: Gerard Til

Guided and supervised by Pieter van Leeuwen, researcher and teacher of  social professionals and volunteers on how to work with music. Anke Kuiper, musician (piano, saxophone) and teacher (piano) directs the choir. 

“Fields of Gold” by Sting refers to the beautiful, quiet surroundings where we’ll stay, as well as to our musical preference in the after-summer: light, nice terrace, surprising or tranquil tone color, instrumental and (choir)singing. (Pieter van Leeuwen)

Take it easy

In the mornings, the choir will rehearse. Repertoire will be prepared by the conductor. Vocal-technique gets extra attention, if you prefer: individually, by Lotje van Leeuwen. Invitations to sing in one of the music groups / bands can be expected. One of these rehearsals will take place in a local church. 

In the afternoons, music groups will rehearse and enrich favorites that participants themselves bring in, coached and supplemented by Pieter van Leeuwen.

Because participants from different countries are being expected, the main language will be (wrong) English. 


Performances will be organized, but the way to these is more important than the results. At night, terrace, bar and restaurant provides opportunities to perform (background) music. In the middle of the week, there is an Open Stage for individually and previously prepared music. At the end of the week, a “White Party” will be organized near a circus tent in the forest and an “Acoustic Concert” in a beautiful nearby church.

Frankrijk, 14 - 17 juli 2015, Creuse Nature Foto: Gerard Til

Hospitality we’ll find at Creuse Nature, comfortable 4* naturist Holiday Centre in the green, unspoiled and sparsely populated heart of France near Boussac-Bourg (Limousin), at some 200 miles south of Paris. Creuse Nature can also be reached by public transport. In summer, weather is dry and warm but not too hot. Everybody is welcome here! Naturism means: extra respect for nature, people and yourself. Tolerance to those who don’t want to expose themselves completely, is guaranteed. Naked is only asked for in the showers, swinging pools and sauna. Accommodation is available at all levels of comfort. More on Creuse Nature.

tebben guitar

Price of this week’s program is €135,- per person. Children (minimum age is 13) and students pay half. More info or booking.

Not included are traveling and stay. Creuse Nature offers stay from camping in your own tent, to the most luxurious glamping-tent or ecological house. At prices from €107,50 per person/a week. Half board and full board are available. More info and Booking.

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  1. Peter van den Elzen


    I am very interested. I am 66 and have taken jazz singing lessons duringe the last two years and really enjoy it. I used to play cello when I was young, but enjoy the creativity of jazz and good pop music. So, is there place for me in the group?

    • Reply

      Hi Peter. Looks a proper fit to me! Jazz (wind instruments included) will be there. Like bands with pop music. And also (light) classical: you might reconsider your cello? Repertoire will be based on the favorites of the participants themselves. I’m sure that there is a place for you in the group. There will be more elderly participants, but young ones too.

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