About us

Pieter van Leeuwen is band coach and our musical leader since 2003. He is an experienced researcher and teacher of social professionals in how to work with creativity, especially music in coaching, lecturing, training and team building at the HAN University of applies sciences (Nijmegen, NL). Pieter sings, plays keyboards, guitars, rhythm to tuba in groups, bands and orchestras. He arranges music when necessary and enjoys humor.

Anke Kuiper joins as our choirmaster since 2007. She prepares the repertoire for the choir, that varies from pop and rock to opera and baroque. Anke leads the choir-singing in an enthusiastic and stimulating way. She even convinced musicians that thought never to like singing at all, to join the choir. She is also an experienced music teacher (piano).

Renske van Ebbenhorst joined in as a base player, singer, accordionist, coach, producer and sound-engineer. She works with disabled children on music and theatre. She likes small baffling things and circus.

Wim van der Zanden joined in as guitar player, singer and coach for and assistant in music groups.

Like many others… over the years many more participants returned and started assisting. So don’t be surprised if the same happens to you!

John Miltenburg, keyboard-player, singer and consultant, got to like Creuse Nature in the nineties. When he played the piano in the bar, others often joined him there. From 2002 he started to announce to his friends and others in what week he planned to be there and make music. That was the start of Fields of Gold France.

All of us, we enjoy our holidays at Fields of Gold France. None of us is in it for the money. We chose to keep it that way, to anchor our commitment and creativity at the highest level. And to keep financial thresholds modest for participants.

Fields of Gold France is an initiative of JMO, Vinkenburgstraat 1a, Utrecht (NL), Chamber of Commerce Nr. 301219223.