Program is being developed since 2002 by experienced professionals. In the mornings – after coffe/tea – the choir works with a varied repertoire, selected by the conductor. Extra attention to vocal technique. Support by a vocal coach, who also works one-on-one if requested.

All days favorite music of the musicians can be played in small groups. These are being coached and – if desired – rhythmically supported. Two ‘backlines’ (basic instruments and amps) available. Choir singers can present themselves or be asked to sing with a band. Inspiring workshops are offered. The musical director will work with choir and bands together, on one or two songs for the whole group. In  the evenings open stage is offered.

At the end of this Music Week public performances will be organized. Three of these include a mutual meal, in two of which friends and family can participate.

Participants’ contribution is €135,-. Travel and stay are are not included in this price. These are not taking care for by us, to allow you choosing the level of hostility that you prefer. Creuse Nature offers facilities from just a place for your tent, up to a comfortable house and restaurant. Nearby villages offer B&B and hotels.

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