Program is being developed by experienced professionals since 2002. 

Saturday-night at 22h we will meet and you will be welcomed.

Mornings from Sunday 10h30 we have coffee/tea and the choir rehearses a varied repertoire, selected by the conductor. With extra attention to vocal techniques and supported by a vocal coach, who also works one-on-one if requested. Tuesday-morning the choir will rehearse in a local church. 

All days musicians can play their favorite music in small groups or bands. In the afternoons, they are being coached and – if desired –  supported. ‘Backlines’ (basic instruments and amps) are available. Choir singers can present themselves or be asked to sing with a band. Inspiring workshops are offered. 

Afternoons from Sunday 15h the musical director works with all participants (choir & bands) on one or two songs being played and sung by all participants together.

Wednesday-evening an Open Stage is offered and a silent disco afterwards. Thursday-afternoon and -evening General Rehearsals and a Public Camping-performance will be held, including a mutual hot-meal. Friday-afternoon an acoustic public performance will be held in a beautiful 11th century Basilica at about half an hours’ drive. Later that evening there will be a mutual hot-meal and an After Party afterwards. 

Saturday from 10h30 in the Music Meadow, the saying-goodbye coffee will end this Music Week.

If you like, you could be fully booked in music and singing in this week. But if you prefer, clear choices will keep you (half) days available for peace, books, family, friends and other things that belong to holiday for you!

Participants’ contribution is €165,-. Early bird discount is 15%, so €140,- Included are the use of accommodations, sheet music and instruments, professional choir conducting and band coaching, daily coffee/tea/water and two hot evening-meals. Travel and stay are not included, to allow you choosing the level of hostility that you prefer. Creuse Nature offers facilities from just a place for your tent, up to a comfortable house and restaurant. Nearby villages offer B&B and hotels.

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