One week of concentrated and creative working on your music, rhythm and / or voice, with some 20-30 other enthusiasts and interested people, in a free and safe holiday atmosphere.

In the mornings, singing takes the lead. The choir is professionally lead. The repertoire that the choirmaster provides, will be varied: pop, classic, world, jazz, opera to battle songs. One or two songs will be sung with a (big) band. 

Rest of the days and in the evenings, music will be made. In small groups, that vary according to the repertoire that the participants bring in. All genres welcome: from baroque to singer/songwriter, from hiphop to metal. Participants select on the spot which songs are to be implemented and how far they go. Bring your own instrument and sheet music. Professional assistance and coaching available. 

Being a participant, you can make your program as “full” as you want. Facilities included are swimming pools, sauna, hot-tub and (cultural) activities like yoga, circus, sculpting and painting. Surroundings invite to walking and cycling. Aubusson (city) is a pearl.

Appropriate facilities and stimulating guidance will be provided. Like large tents with basic equipment such as sound amplification, drum kits and keyboards. Like every morning a coffee&tea pitch to inspire each other, test ideas, find singing or music partners and plan appointments. Like access to one or two beautiful, old churches in the region for small groups of singers and / or acoustic musicians. Like a stage, bar & audience space with sound reinforcement and lighting in the evenings. And on the last evening a joint meal, with the opportunity for idem-performances.

Participating in this Music Week costs € 135,- per person, apart from travel and stay. Early bird discount is 15%, so €115,-. Minimum age is 13 years.

Feel welcome to join Music Holiday France 2022. Play your favorite music in small music groups. Sing in the choir. Try to sing in a band. Experience not requested, enthusiasm the more.

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