Farewell2Tango – June 30 / July 7, 2018

Dance. Every day we’ll create a small choreography in two workshops, with techniques from modern dance, contact improvisation, movement theatre and Argentine tango. Think of play, steps, experience and your own contribution. Using the surroundings, available attributes and riches that you brought yourself, like your voice, instruments, drawing on the spot, theatre and clothing.


Keywords are individuality, movement language, story, expression, fun, challenge, communication and music. Move from fixed passes to how music reveals you to communicate. More on the program.

Play to feel free, away from too much judgement. Discover and use the power of other participants and of the group, next to your own. (Bennie Bartels)


Argentine Tango will be there, but in a specific context. Like working in a floored circus tent and in a forest. Like exchanging shiny floors for a nearby farmer’s shed, connecting us to the authentic farm-countryside where we stay.



Every day starts with Feldenkrais, a proven method of physical and mental exercises that strengthen the connections between our consciousness and feelings and thereby our innate ability to learn and grow. More on Feldenkrais.



Public Performances will be given halfway and at the end of the week. The way to these is more important than the results. More on performances.

I regard the proces, experience, learning and proper group dynamics as the most important assets for the participants. Let me take care of the performance and that everybody feels at ease in it. (Bennie Bartels)


Bennie Bartels, dancer and tango teacher

Bennie Bartels – professional dancer and experienced tango teacher – challenges you. More on Bennie Bartels.

Some years now, I create choreographies with a mixture of amateurs and professionals. In this, I take advantage of the power and competence that each participant brings along. This proces of creating is a special experience for everybody and reaches beyond just the hours of working and the performance as an end result. (Bennie Bartels)

Really something for you?

Experience with dance is appreciated, but enthusiasm is more important than virtuosity so don’t you feel under-qualified. Because participants from different countries are being expected, the main language will be English. Participants can be up to 80 years of age, minimum-age is 15. Numbers of participants are limited: 12-20 participants only. So who comes first, first served. More info or booking.

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