Saturday July 13-20, 2019. Feel the rhythm and move. Express your feelings. Let loose, make your body talk and just get happy. See how music reveals you to communicate. Play to feel free. Away from too much judgment. In a circus tent, the connected forest or the farmers’ shed. Individual, story, challenge, fun. Discover and use the power of other participants and of the group, next to your own. 12-20 participants only. Experience not requested.

Guided and supervised by Bennie Bartels, professional dancer and teacher. Experienced in creating choreographies with a mixture of amateurs and professionals, taking advantage of the power and competence that each participant brings along.

I regard the proces, experience, learning and proper group dynamics as the most important assets for the participants. Let me take care of the performances and that everybody feels at ease in it. (Bennie Bartels)


If you like, start the day with Feldenkrais, proven method of physical and mental exercises that strengthen connections between consciousness and feelings and thereby your ability to learn and grow.

Sunday to Friday we’ll create a small choreography in two workshops of 2 hours, with techniques from modern dance, contact improvisation, movement theatre and Argentine tango.

Public Performances could be given halfway and at the end of the week. But the way to these is more important than the results.

Frankrijk, 14 - 17 juli 2015, Creuse Nature Foto: Gerard Til

Hosted we will be by Creuse Nature, comfortable 4* naturist holiday centre at the heart of France, some 200 miles south of Paris, in a forest within the agricultural area of Boussac-Bourg, next to the medieval city of Boussac, also to be reached by public transport. Naturism aims a better relation with nature: your body reveals your own nature. When weather allows, naturists tend to be naked to come closer to themselves and communicate on a more equal basis. Everyone is welcome! Tolerance to those who don’t want to expose themselves completely, is guaranteed. Naked is only asked for in the showers, swinging pools and sauna. More on Creuse Nature.

The price of this week’s program is €245,- per person, apart from your traveling and stay. Children (minimum age is 15) and students pay half. More info or booking.

Not included are the costs of traveling and stay. Stay from €107,50 a person / a week can be arranged at Creuse Nature. More info or booking.


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