Midsummer Denmark, July 2024

Sing along & make music
that excels in a nature reserve, at a large Nordic lake

Emphatic, focused, attention-grabbing, eye-catching, convincing, ceremonial, … Think of Celtic and Viking ballads. Up-tempo too. And styles like pop, jazz, early music, alternative rock and classical.

Bring in your favorite repertoire, that meets these characteristics. Arrangements can be made.

Sneak preview

No set repertoire yet, just to inspire. ‘May it be’, the song that Irish singer Enya wrote and sang for ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ in 2001. ‘The Armed Man’, Mass for Peace by Karl Jenkins. ‘Dreamer’, Superstramp’s progressive rock hit from the ’70’s.

Get inspired by our playlists on Youtube and Spotify

Music-Camping @Jutland's Heart

At the heart of Jutland, some 350 km / 200 miles above Hamburg, Germany, Vammen Camping will be our host.

Music plays an important role there.

Every evening the fireplace is lit in the communal “Feuerstube” so guests can play music, as well as a game or chat.

Musicians & singers of 'intermediate' level

Playing & singing together works better with an equal musical level: not a professional level is needed, but no beginners either.

As evidenced by a realistic description of your musical experience, reviewed by our musical leaders.

Furthermore, an appropriate balance will be taken into account between singers, between singers and musicians and between instruments of various types

Minimum age is 13 years.

Creativity accelerates by diversity & challenges: we promise you different nationalities, chamber music to pop/rock and youngsters plus elderlies.

Because participants from different countries are being expected, the main language will be (wrong) english.


Make music & sing in a focussed and creative way

You will be welcomed at our communal evening meal of Saturday. Next days from 10h30 you’ll make music & sing. Plenary and in small groups. In and from our homebase: the covered and enclosed ‘Pavilion’. Vocal and guitar amps, keyboards and percussion will be available. Singers, choir, strings and windinstruments will be lead strictly, with extended arrangements.

For focus and concentration, you will lunch together, traveling companions welcome. In the evenings, try-outs for (your own) audience are possible in the ‘Feuerstube’. You will work towards performances at the end of the week, one of these in Aarhus or Aalborg. Fridaynight we’ll have another communal supper, traveling companions welcome. Saturday we’ll clean, pack and say goodbye.

Professionally lead & guided

Ruben Smits (photo left) is a skilled and driven conductor and arranger. He’ll ’take care of’ our vocals.

Pieter van Leeuwen (photo right) teaches social professionals how to work with creativity, especially music at the HAN University of Applies Sciences (Nijmegen, NL). He is all-round musician and experienced band coach, arranges music and loves humor.

Bert Harmelink & John Miltenburg (JMO) organize, facilitate & participate.

At shared costs

Our initiative is not for profit, because we like to participate and enjoy it ourselves. The costs will be shared. Costs like

  • your week’s program,
  • your music-accommodations,
  • your sheet music,
  • your use of equipment,
  • your conducting & coaching,
  • the pitch with electricity (for your own tent, caravan or motorhome),
  • your daily coffee/tea/water,
  • your daily lunch and
  • the communal hot meals at the first and the last evening.

For that we ask a contribution of €650,-, starting with a immediate downpayment of €30,-.

Traveling partners will be welcome to participate in facilities like lunches at modest extra costs, to be payed at the spot.


By pre-registering, you support our team in the preparations. Pre-registration gives you no obligations.
  1. While preregistering, you will be asked to provide a realistic description of your musical experience. That will be assessed as soon as possible. If positive, your preregistration will be confirmed. If negative, an explanation will be added and your deposit will be refunded as soon as possible.
  2. In the autumn of 2023, the days for Midsummer Denmark in July 2024 will be chosen. You’ll be informed as soon as possible and at the latest in December 2023. If then these dates don’t suit you, you are free to retreat and your deposit will be refunded as soon as possible.
  3. Minimum number of participants is 12, to be reached at the end of March 2024. Ultimately in April 2024 you will be informed and asked to pay the remaining costs. After receiving these, your participation will be definitive. In case of insufficient participation, this music vacation will be canceled and your deposit will be refunded.

Our cancellation terms, you will find after you press the button ‘Pre-register here’ and before you pay.

Feel free to click here if you have any questions.