Denmark, July 6-13

Sing & make music
that suites a nature reserve at a large Nordic lake

Work in daytime, try-outs at night. All day / week long, or just parts of it if you prefer. Programme and scedule to be developed at the spot. Professional guidance & support available.  
Lot’s of space for your individual preferences. Mine? “May it be” (Enya, for The Lord of the Rings 2001) feels emphatic, hopefull, convincing, elvish even. Celtic (Viking?) ballad that excels at a northern lake / protected nature reserve in Mid-Jutland? 
Pop, funk, rock, jazz, early music, alternative rock & classical will be welcome too. Ironic, joyfull, happy… let’s just play, sing & enjoy!

Bring in your favorite repertoire. Arrangements can be made. Might our playlist at Spotify inspire you?


Authentic music-campsite in a Jutland nature reserve

At the heart of Jutland, some 350 km / 200 miles above Hamburg, Germany, Vammen Camping will be our host.

Every evening the fireplace is lit in the communal “Feuerstube” so guests can play music, as well as a game or just chat.

Aarhus, the port at the north-east-coast of Jutland: tempting to visit & enjoy (half) a day during this Musicweek. 

Walking-, cycletours and historic highlights (Viking) could be visited too.

Some musical experience helps

Playing & singing together works better with a more or less equal musical level: not a professional one, but no absolute-beginners either. While registering, a realistic description of your musical experience will be asked.

The group will be small (10-20), so lots of individual coaching and support can be given. Music-lessons cannot be expected.

Creativity accelerates by diversity & challenges: we promise you different nationalities, chamber music to pop/rock and youngsters plus elderlies. Minimum age is 13 years.

Because participants from different countries are being expected, the main language will be (wrong) english.


Focused & creative work

Saturdaynight, we will meet in the “Feuerstube”. On Sunday, we will have lunch together, get to know each other further and explore our weekly programme.

Daily from 10h30 we might take a coffee/tea/water, detail our plans & make music & sing. Plenary & in small groups. In & from our homebase: the covered and enclosed ‘Pavilion’. Vocal and guitar amps, PA, keyboards and percussion will be available. Singers, choir, strings and windinstruments can be lead strictly; extended arrangements can be made.

In the evenings, try-outs for (your own) audience can be given in the ‘Feuerstube’. Let’s work towards an informal performance at the end of the week. 

Fridaynight we’ll have a communal supper, traveling companions welcome too. Saturday we’ll clean, pack and say goodbye.

Professionally led & guided

Pieter van Leeuwen teaches social professionals how to work with creativity, especially music, at the HAN University of Applies Sciences (Nijmegen, NL). 

He is all-round musician and experienced band coach, arranges music and loves humor.

Bert Harmelink & John Miltenburg organize, facilitate & will participate too.

Foto Pieter website FoG

At shared costs

Our initiative is not for profit, because we like to participate and expect to enjoy it ourselves. So, just costs have to be shared, like:

  • preparing & furnishing our music-accommodations,
  • our sheet music & arrangements to be made,
  • your use of instruments & amplifiers,
  • our conducting & coaching,
  • your daily coffee/tea/water and
  • two communal meals.

For that, we ask you to pay a contribution of €195,-. Our cancellation terms, you will find after you press the button ‘Register & Pay’, before you pay.

Travel & stay are not included in this price. So, don’t forget to arrange that by yourself. For that, you could explore Booking at Vammen Camping.

Please feel free to ask us, if you have any questions at Contact.