Fields of Gold France, August 12-19, 2023


What music?

Fields of Gold (1993) describes the view from the 16th-century Wiltshire manor house of its composer & singer Sting: “(…) fascinating to watch the wind moving over the shimmering surface of the barley, like waves on an ocean of gold.” Strong, seductive, perfect ballad looking back on love gained and mellow.

Flows perfectly in the after-summer atmosphere at a 4* naturist holiday centre in mid-France, open to non-naturists as most of us are. Also up-tempo and styles like rock, jazz & light-classical are welcome.

Participants will be encouraged to bring in repertoire from your own choice; arrangements can be made.

You might get inspired by our playlists Fields of Gold France on Youtube.

What kind of participants?

Creativity accelerates by diversity & challenges. We promise you different nationalities, diversing levels, chamber music to heavy metal, youngsters plus elderlies.

Experience not requested, enthusiasm the more.

Minimum age is 13 years.

Because participants from different countries are being expected, the main language will be (wrong) english.

How we work?

The first night (Saturday) we meet (again). All mornings from Sunday 10h30, the choir has coffee/tea and rehearses a varied repertoire, selected by the conductor. With extra attention to vocal techniques and supported by a vocal coach, who also works one-on-one if requested. Tuesday the choir will rehearse in a local church. All afternoons musicians are being coached and – if desired – supported by experienced musicians. ‘Backlines’ (basic instruments and amps) available. Choir singers can sing with a band. Inspiring workshops are offered. Afternoons at 15h, the musical director works with all participants (choir & bands) on one or two mutual songs.

Wednesday-evening an Open Stage is offered. Silent disco afterwards. Thursday there are General Rehearsals and a public performance, with a mutual hot-meal. Friday-afternoon an acoustic public performance will be in a beautiful 11th century Basilica with a magnificent acoustics at about half an hours’ drive. Later that night, a mutual hot-meal and After Party follws. Last Saturday morning, we clean, pack, have a last coffee/tea and say goodbye.

If you like, you could be fully booked in music and singing in this week. But if you prefer, clear choices will keep you (half) days available for peace, books, family, friends and other things that belong to holiday for you.

Who is leading?

Pieter van Leeuwen is teacher, all-round musician, band coach and our musical leader.

Anke Kuiper joins as our choirmaster. She prepares the repertoire from rock to baroque and leads in an enthusiastic way.

Renske van Ebbenhorst joins as base player, singer, accordeonist, coach, producer and sound-engineer.

Wim van der Zanden plays in bands (americana) and joins as guitar player, singer and coach for and assistant in music groups.


We work at and around Creuse Nature, a friendly and comfortable mid-size 4* naturist holiday centre in the green, unspoiled and sparsely populated heart of France, where summers use to be dry and not too hot. An honest naturist ambiance, where everybody is welcome, also non-naturists as most of us are.

Some 200 miles / 300 km’s south of Paris and also to be reached by high-speed train (to Châteauroux or Montluçon, transfers can be arranged).

Simple camping pitches, up to ecological forest houses and ‘glamping’. What suits you best, we leave to you to decide and arrange. Every morning, fresh bread is available and the camping-shop provides supplementary food. Afternoons and evenings, the bar and camping-restaurant are available. There is also good food in the vicinity.

Yoga, meditation, creative activities, children’s circus, various sportfields and a lot of walk- and bikerouts are available.

So, you could consider a reservation at Creuse Nature. But also look for a hotel or B&B in the region.

Register & Pay

Our initiative is not for profit, but because we like to participate and enjoy it ourselves. The costs will be shared. Costs like

  • your program,
  • your music-accommodations,
  • your sheet music,
  • your use of the instruments,
  • your conducting & coaching,
  • your daily coffee/tea/water and
  • two hot evening-meals at the end of the week.

We ask participants a contribution of  €165,-. Travel and stay are not included in this price, to allow you choosing the level of hospitality that you prefer.

Our cancellation terms, you will find after you press the button ‘register here’ and before you pay.

If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to call on us  her

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