Creuse Nature Jazz – September 22 / 29, 2018

Nicely set tables with most-delicious food from the region. Smoothy Jazz, ending in a dance, a party. Three nights of live music. Dance with the DJ, see an actual music-movie. Enjoy friends and neighbors in the bar, where the piano is waiting… In the last week of good weather in the heart of France – experience, no guarantee.


Best of Jazz-artists available provide concerts and dancing in the Restaurant of Creuse Nature. Genres will vary. Artists perform while you eat, you will be invited to dance in between and sometimes it suddenly turns into a party… More on the program.

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Since this week ends our holiday season, local relations will be invited and can be expected to attend.


Chefs JACQUELINE and WIM KINT make their tastiest dishes with regional products. Finest wines from Bordeaux and other regions will be offered. More info or booking.

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