Creative dance week in French nature

Open to everyone and all levels – July 13/20, 2019

Play, game and explore what you feel and communicate. Through moving your body at the rhythm of music or in relation to the natural statues and paintings we work with. No focus on passes, but timing, direction and intention in your dancing. Different techniques and clear guided tasks, to develop small choreographies, solo, in duos and as a group.

Develop your tools for creativity. Get out of your head and into your body, that ‘never lies’. In a circus tent and surrounding forest and meadow, at the heart of France. 12-20 participants only. Experience not requested. Saturdays are considered change days. Sunday to Friday two workshops a day, starting with a Wake-up. Afternoons free.

10h30 – 11h30 Guided Body Awareness Class (Feldenkrais)
11h45 – 13h15 Workshop Movement-Theatre
17h15 – 18h45 Workshop Improvisation & Composition


 “A very successful week. Fascinating and intense. Beautiful things arise on the cutting edge of the conflict.” (Bas)

Feldenkrais and body awareness

Proven method to improve your techniques to feel, steer and time your body. How to make what you want, more coherent with what you do. Read what is happening in you body. Develop grounding, balance, unity and connection in your action and behaviour.


“I had a great week thanks to everyone. The group was super! I cannot name highlights just like that, every session was a surprising challenge and therefore gave me great satisfaction.” (Wim)

Bennie Bartels

This farm boy turned professional dancer in modern dance and ballet. He often worked with dance bordering theatre or in dialogue with actors, sculptors, painters and musicians. His forte is grounded work that connects to our daily lives, but pulls it to another level of expression and understanding, to open up and widen our horizons. Passion in dance – like Argentine Tango – has been his hobby for 25 years. He is an experienced Feldenkrais practitioner.


“Clever how you shaped this week, Bennie! With so different people you do not know, gradually build up an atmosphere, in which everyone felt safe and did things outside of our comfort zones. You have taken unexpected creativity from us.” (Ineke)

Creuse Nature

Our host is Creuse Nature, friendly and comfortable 4* naturist holiday centre in the green, unspoiled and sparsely populated heart of France. Situated in Boussac-Bourg (Limousin), some 200 miles south of Paris and also to be reached by public transport. In summer, weather is dry and warm, but not too hot. Naturism means living in harmony with your environment. Nakedness is an option, not a requirement apart from swimming pools, sauna and hot tube. Our course will be clothed. More info on Creuse Nature.

Frankrijk, 14 - 17 juli 2015, Creuse Nature Foto: Gerard Til

Costs and sign-up

Price of this week’s program is €235,- per person. Children (minimum age is 15) and students pay half. More info or booking.

Not included are traveling and stay. Stay from camping in your own tent up until the most luxurious glamping-tent or ecological house is available from €107,50 per person/a week. More info or booking.

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