Music is all over. With good reasons, science confirms. But music has become common, most of the time we don’t really experience it. So how about a full week of focussed working with and experiencing the impact of music, movements, rhythms and harmonies upon your body and soul? Here are 3 exquisite offers for Music Holidays in France.

Frankrijk, 14 juli 2015, zwembad eenz.Creuse Nature Foto: Gerard Til

France, Creuse Nature, 4* naturist Holiday Centre

Creuse Nature is a comfortable 4* naturist Holiday Centre in the heart of France near Boussac in Nouvelle Aquitaine, where everybody is welcome. Creuse is a river in the green, unspoiled and sparsely populated heart of France, at some 220 miles south of Paris, also to be reached by public transport. In summer, weather is dry and warm, but not too hot. More on Creuse Nature.


Dance “Farewell2Tango” from June 30 to July 7, 2018

Dance “Farewell2Tango” next July. Work a small choreography, from modern dance, contact improvisation, movement theatre and Argentine tango. From fixed passes, to how music reveals you to communicate. From shiny floors to a farmer’s shed. Working towards a performance under the supervision of Bennie Bartels, turns into a process that strengthens all those involved and opens closed doors. More on Farewell2Tango.

When dancing, I got no questions left, just answers. Some of these will get words much later, when my cognitive brain finally catches up my more-intelligent self. (Bennie Bartels)


Play / sing “Fields of Gold” from August 11 to 18, 2018

Play your darling-music in small music groups. Sing in the choir. Try singing in a band. Grow the group. Genres like pop, rock, latin, jazz and (light) classic can be expected. A forest and meadow with two circus tents will be our playing fields. Pieter van Leeuwen and Anke Kuiper are versatile musicians themselves (piano, guitar, tuba) and the inspirational leaders of this music week, ending in a few public performances. Experience is not requested, enthusiasm satisfies. More on Fields of Gold.

This song of Sting refers to the beautiful, quiet surroundings where we’ll stay, as well as to our musical preference in the after-summer: light, nice terrace, surprising or tranquil tone color, instrumental and (choir)singing. Also room for (light) classic. (Pieter van Leeuwen)


Enjoy “Creuse Nature Jazz” from Sept. 22 to 29, 2018

Nicely set tables with most-delicious food from the region. Smoothy Jazz, ending in a dance, a party. Three nights of live music. Dance with the DJ, see an actual music-movie. Enjoy friends and neighbors in the bar, where the piano will be waiting… Since this week ends the holiday season, local relations will be invited and can be expected to attend. More on Creuse Nature Jazz.

“It is often still good weather in the midst of France, where we stay. A variety of groups and styles will perform, after which dancing is being appreciated and sometimes big parties occur.”

Really something for you?

Having a good time by dancing, making music / singing or enjoying jazzy diners is what we offer you. Experience with music / dance is appreciated, but enthusiasm is more important than virtuosity so don’t you feel under-qualified. Because participants from different countries are being expected, the main language will be (wrong) English. Participants can be up to 80 years of age, minimum-age is 13. Numbers of participants are limited. So who comes first, first served. More info or booking.

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