Music Week 2021 is August 14-21

Singing and making music for six consecutive days in late summer, in and with a medium-sized group of diverse others (level, culture, age) and in relative isolation (abroad?).

Those are the essentials that makes ‘Fields of Gold’ so special. A day or weekend in the run-up to this (in you home country) cannot replace this, but can contribute to, inspire and prepare better.

We intent to do that better, this year. By experiencing and further expanding the differences between ‘our different types’ of singing and making music together (diversity, versatility). With the aim of bringing the push that this gives us to and bringing it into our Music Week.

Like a Singer / Songwriter Day. For those who bring or want to make (a start of) your own song. In a large and high hall in or around Nijmegen, NL. With a maximum of 10 participants. Corona may make it necessary to start small, but ‘in’ t small ’this type of music can be better accompanied and this type of music comes out better?

Like a Day Improvising on a Solid (Rhythm) Basis. Percussionists lay a foundation, wind instruments play ‘nice lines’ and improvise and other instruments contribute to the basis, the ‘lines’ and / or improvise as well. Also for singers who e.g. want to learn to “scat” (look that up in Wikipedia). With a maximum of 20 participants. InĀ an Open Air Theater or something like that?

Like a Weekend Circle Song, improvise with song & movement. Including a Workshop on Voice Technique and a Workshop on Housewives Third (also for men!). More participants possible.

How optimistic, you may think now? Of course we are, but: if and insofar as Corona imposes restrictions, it will not happen or we will do it differently.