Fields of Gold Nijmegen 2020/2

Sunday June 28, 2020, as Corona allows… Further info follows.

March 28, 2020 cancelled because of Corona

No morse code, but the name of 20 Sheffield’ singers that intent to visit Utrecht (NL) at Saturday March 28, 2020, to participate in Fields of Gold. They come from the Community Choir Purple Cats  in Sheffield (GB). Their conductor Helen Lyle and our conductor Anke Kuiper developed a Singers Workshop at that day from 10-16h, also open for 20-30 Dutch and German singers. A cross-over with the Fields of Gold Band is being considered. That night at 20h, the English Choir will give a concert in Utrecht, dancing afterwards.

Fields of Gold Nijmegen 2020/1

Listen & see this beautiful cover, played by Nina, Renske & Gerard at Jan. 10, 2020 @ Fields of Gold Nijmegen (NL).

Laying back in Cuba!

Joss Stone on Cuba at het Facebookpage

Cuba, wow, what a destination! The music, the people, the vibe. Havana, so much to see and do! Music seems to be everywhere. We love it here! 🎼🎶🌻

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