Mornings from 10h30, the choir rehearses. Repertoire is selected and supplied by the conductor. Vocal-technique gets extra attention. Individually, if you prefer.

You can be invited and offer to sing in one of the music groups or bands.

One morning, the choir will rehearses with public, in a local church or market. 

In the afternoons, music groups and bands rehearse and enrich favorites that participants themselves bring in.

In the two circus tents a backline (microphones / PA and drums) will be available and personal equipment can be stored.

Professional coaching and addition will be offered. The musical direction will introduce some songs to play and sing all together.

Performances will be organized, but the way to these is more important than the result.

In the evenings, terrace, bar and restaurant provide an open stage. In the bar can be danced.

One night, silent disco will be offered.

At the end of the week, an informal final presentation will be given in the forest (“White Night’), to be prepared in the afternoon.

At the last day, there will be an acoustic concert in a beautiful little church nearby.

We will close this week with a joint dinner and after party.

Please, feel free to participate to more activities or less. It is up to you to create the perfect mix for your active holiday week.

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