About us

My name is John Miltenburg. I got to love Creuse Nature years ago. My children felt happy there. And I loved to play the piano in the bar. Often other guests joined, bringing their instruments or singing. In 2002 I started to announce in what week I intended to be there again. That was the start of Fields of Gold.

Since 2003 Pieter van Leeuwen joined me as band coach and musical leader. He is an experienced researcher and teacher of social professionals in how to work with creativity and music.

Some years later, Anke Kuiper joined us. She prepares and conducts the choir and also plays the saxophone. Her profession is to teach piano. 

More recently Renske van Ebbenhorst joined us as sound engineer.

And there are many more participants helping, so don’t be surprised if you get asked too… 

In Fields of Gold, all of us are enjoying our holidays and none of us gets paid. In order to anchor our own commitment and creativity at the highest level.

In 2015 the previous organizer of Creuse Nature Jazz stopped. At that time I was getting retired from my job as a management consultant. Then Els en Reinier, the proprietors of Creuse Nature asked me to take his place. 


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