Make Music & Sing

“Music is important for a healthy brain. Music evokes all kinds of emotions, like joy, tenderness and tension. Music races through the whole brain and improves connections: motor skills, emotions, rewards.” (Erik Scherder)

“Singing teaches people to breathe well, reduces tension, produces hormones that stimulate empathy and connection, and teaches texts about languages, identity and history. In a choral rehearsal you can feel part of something bigger than yourself. Experience the power of singing.” (Eric Whitaker)

Creativity accelerates by diversity & challenges. We promise you different nationalities, diverging levels, chamber music to heavy metal, youngsters as wel as elderlies, creative chaos and genuine naturism, open to non-naturists as most of us are.

Unusual accommodations like a forest, meadows, circus tents and pittoresk ancient churches will be our playing field.

Because participants are expected from different countries, the language of instruction is (wrong) English. Minimum age for participants is 13 years.

Reacties zijn gesloten.