One week of concentrated and creative working on your music, rhythm and / or voice, with some 20 other enthusiasts and interested people, in a free and safe holiday atmosphere.

Participants’ self-motivation and initiative leads to a program or schedule, that each participant makes as “full” as he or she wants. Bring your own instrument and sheet music. Plenty of room and incentive for ideas and initiatives, some already submitted, others still very welcome. Participants select on the spot which ones are to be implemented and how far they go.

Appropriate facilities and stimulating guidance will be provided. Like large tents with basic equipment such as sound amplification, a drum kit and the possibility to play audio files. Like an introduction at the first day of the week and every morning a coffee&tea-moment to inspire each other, test ideas, find singing or music partners and plan appointments. Like access to a beautiful, old church in the region for small groups of singers and / or acoustic musicians that want to use these (mutual, no performance). Like a ‘socially-distanced’ stage, bar & audience space with sound reinforcement, drum kit and lighting for performances by smaller groups in the evenings. Like internet access and a copier. And on the last evening (Friday) a joint but ‘socially-distanced’ meal, with the opportunity for idem-performances.

The costs of these facilities and of the organization of this Music Week are € 95 per participant, apart from travel and stay. Minimum age is 13 years.

Additional matching peripheral activities will be offered. Like meditation. Like ‘creative imagination’ for or of our music. Like an event (concert, jam session, drinks & dinner) in the House & Garden of the famous French jazz guitarist Bernard Brun in nearby Toulx St. Croix.

Feel welcome to join Music Holiday France 2020. Play your favorite music in small music groups. Sing in small singing groups. Try to sing in a band. Experience not requested, enthusiasm the more.

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