Way of working

All applicable restrictions to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus, will be taken into account. Like keep distance, disinfect handles and hands, sing in small groups (no big choir) and performances limited to small public.

Self-motivation and the participants’ own initiative forms the basis for our Music Week. Everyone who attends Creuse Nature in Boussac, Limousin, France on August 15 has the freedom and the responsibility to do and do what he / she can and wants to make and / or sing inspiring music. Bring your own instrument, voice and (sheet) music. You can already prepare your favorite (s) at home and think about occupation and form in which you would like to tackle it.

Facilities will be there and can be used. Such as 2 circus tents with basic equipment (PA, drum set / small rhythm, light, possibilities to play your audio files via a mini jack), a stage with sound amplification and light for small performances in the evening with a socially-distanced bar ,, a copier and every morning a moment of joint start, making contacts and planning activities with coffee / tea. The last day (Friday) access to the church in Toulx-St. Croix for your own use (no concert!). And that evening enjoy a joint meal with an opportunity to perform in the restaurant of Creuse Nature.

Everything seems to buzz around us now. Meditation, to start the day with? Play and sing music from The Rolling Stones at the nearby Les Pierres Jaumatres. Sing ‘The Spring’ from ‘De 4 Jaargetijden’ by Vivaldi. Project well-known paintings and make appropriate music for them? Dance and circus with music played or sung? Jam session with and with the Brazilian singer and French guitarist in a neighboring village? A South African song with body percussion under the ZOOM direction of a Dutch conductor? None of this has been worked out and is certain, but this is the atmosphere we want and don’t want to miss! Plenty of space and support for ideas and initiatives, some already submitted, but others still very welcome. The people who participate select on the spot who will be executed and how far they will go.

Reacties kunnen niet achtergelaten worden op dit moment.